Relaxation and romance

You relax and we will take care of You. We’ve prepared a place for You, where you could escape from everyday stress of hasty surrounding world. Forget about hurry of every day and let yourself get pampered. Relax your body and spirit in sauna world or spacious whirlpool bath and finish with cooling yourself in a cold pool. For the brave ones we have prepared icy bucket of courage. Even in Sauna world you have option to order drinks.


Classic massage Part 30min 25€
Reflexive-relaxing massage of legs 30min 25€
Classic massage Big 60min 35€
Breuss’es massage 60min 35€
Classic massage complete 70min 45€
Dorn’s method + Breuss’es massage 70min 45€
Tuina – traditional Chinese massage 60min 45€
Massage by wood of Ferrata 25min 20€


**Reservation for massage is necessary to be ordered at reception or by phone on number: 00 421 908 700 888

Hot air in the sauna makes your body sweat and thus excludes harmful substances, opens pores of the skin, improves it’s repletion, resilience and look. Accelerates metabolism, works against inflammatory diseases and kills some bacteria that live inside human body. Principle of dry sauna works on minimum humidity with temperature of 100 to 110 Celsius degrees. Another effect of sauna is skin repletion, underskin repletion and muscle repletion. Trained will be functions of organism as ability of right reaction of the vessels, skin, heart activity, kidneys, nervous system etc. Sauna improves immunity system and overall regeneration. Currently popularity of sauna drops due to high load of organism, worse sweating and more difficult breathing of hot air

Presents modern way of using sauna during which body is heated from inside and results in effective sweating. Effective infrared thermal radiation penetrates surface of the skin to depth of 3 to 4 centimeters (thus deeper than dry sauna) and generates whole scale of healing and health fixing processes. Effects of infra sauna can pamper even people with cardiovascular and breathing problems since it supports blood circulation. Infrared radiation has positive impact on joints and muscles, helps with healing and attenuates pain and has no long-term effects on our organism – suitable to use it for example before rehab or before sport performance for warming up the muscles. It has also beautification effects, fights with cellulitis, strengthens the skin, calms, breaks down the stress and helps with burning the fat.

Try out our steam herbal sauna. We are offering two kinds, with eucalyptus and with mint aroma.

Aromatherapy is one of methods of natural medicine, where application of essential oils and ethereal oils heal different diseases. It’s about combination of steam sauna and inhalation of herbal aromas that favorably affect your airways. After primordial sensation caused by scents, your brain begins to have different reactions followed by healing processes with long-term effects. Favorably affects your skin and hair, deprives your organism of impurity and helps with repletion of your skin.  It is optimized for relaxation and removal of harmful substances from organism, for purification of airways and relaxation of whole organism.

Hot massage tub has capacity of 8 people and is a place for relaxation and repletion of the body. It provides you with needed massage, relaxation and warm-up of muscles.


Price list

Single entry 10€
Ticket for 10 entries 90€
Closed society 180€


* Prices mentioned above are for entry that lasts 2.5 hours along with 1 towel and sheet for borrowing, extra towel and sheet costs 1€.
Every next started hour costs 3€.


Sunday – Thursday: 15:00 – 21:30
Friday, Saturday: 15:00 – 22:30

Admission to the public only 18 years. 
Telephone booking required in advance.

Wellness for Families with Children (only accommodation)

Entry to the Wellness order only until 10:00 at the reception house.

Hours reserved for families with children are 13: 00-15: 00th.

Operation for families with children is unattended.